Returning from their Fourth of July recess this week, Senators have been faced with more protests against the BCRA (the Senate version of the GOP health care bill), and the prospect of a vote sometime next week.

While protests around the country have been ongoing, particularly by people with disabilities, yesterday, eighty people were arrested for civil disobedience at several Senate and House offices in Washington, DC. Shouting “Health care is a human right!,” the protesters were handcuffed and taken away by the Captiol police.

Given that the BCRA proposes huge cuts to Medicaid and would cause some 22 million people to lose insurance, the protests don’t come as a surprise.

Indeed, our last blog post pointed out the ways in which the BCRA is potentially harmful for gig workers.

A revised version of the bill is expected to be released Thursday with a score from the Congressional Budget Office following early next week, and a subsequent vote toward the end of the week.

Unfortunately, the revised version is based on a proposal from Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) that the Washington Post says “would let health insurers offer plans that don’t follow Obamacare’s rules as long as they offer one that does.” In other words, insurers would “once again be free to not only sell skimpy plans that didn’t cover things like mental health or maternity care or prescription drugs, but also charge people with preexisting conditions more for them — if they didn’t just deny them outright.”

We now have less than two weeks to convince the Senate that any dismantling or repeal of the Affordable Care Act is not in the best interests of gig workers and in fact ALL workers in this country.

Have you called your Senators yet? To find out who they are and how to contact them, click here.

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